Your New Patron Benefits (LOADS of cool stuff)

Hi, everyone!

After six months of hard work, we’re ready to open up most of our new platform to our Patrons. Here’s what we’ve built so far:

  • A new web page that you can log into using your Patreon account. Just visit  and click the “Sign On” button.
  • A new premium video player  for our $5 and up backers. It includes the uncut feature versions of most of our projects, with more coming online soon. You can watch all of the JourneyQuest, the Gamers films, even Demon Hunters and Dark Dungeons. This is the first place that new releases will go, which means you can find everything in one convenient place.
  • A new premium reader  for the ongoing Nodwick webcomic, for all backers at $1 and up. This is also hosted in the “Premium” section on the ZOE web page.
  • New forums, available at . Click the blue check mark to log in with your Patreon account.
  • A new public video player with shareable episodes of all of our shows. Check it out at . We’ll also offer livestreaming events through here.
  • Our wiki isn’t quite ready for fan-submitted content, but send us a message if you’d like early access. We have entries for every episode of every show, plus tons of world bible information already online for JourneyQuest and Strowlers. 

All of these are still in beta, so do expect bugs and weirdness, plus loads of placeholder content on the website front page. Please help us know what is and isn’t working! We plan on launching publicly in June and your feedback will be invaluable.

Thanks for your patience as we find out what breaks and what survives when people start using it.

Best wishes,

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