Your 50% ZOE Merch Discount

Hi, $10+ backers!

Now that our store is fully functional, it’s time for your 2017 Patreon sale!

Get 50% off ZOE DVDs, downloads, Blu-rays, soundtracks and modules, now through September!

Your Patreon-exclusive coupon code is
PATREON2017-M6R98WEJQCYN. Just plug it in during check out!

The coupon works on JourneyQuest, the Dorkness Rising DVD and download, Attacking the Darkness, Dark Dungeons, Humans & Households, Natural 1, Hands of Fate, Gamers Live, and the Mask of Death and Shadow’s Dungeon adventure modules.

Thank you for your support!

(PS. If you’re at Gen Con Indy and a $10 backer you can ask for the same discount at our booth!)

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