The Fantasy Network Upgrades & Downtime

Hi everyone!

Ben here. If you plan on accessing TFN this weekend, please read the update I’ve pasted in below. The TEMPORARY link to access TFN during the transition is (Logins may or may not work on this temp site.)

We should have logins and the new page up within a couple days!

Also, regarding our new campaign for TFN, I want to underline a couple of key points for our Patreon backers:

  • We rely on this Patreon to keep functioning from month-to-month. Your support here is more important than your support anywhere else, so we can keep everything working and keep making awesome content. Thank you!
  • Yes, the new Fantasy Network platform will become a Patreon alternative this year. We’ll migrate at that time, but leave this Patreon up for those of you who prefer this platform.

—————–THE UPDATE———————-
We are writing to let you know that our service may experience interruptions over the next few days as we upgrade our website and apps to The Fantasy Network 2.0.

Thank you for your patience while we push these exciting new updates!

Note that the old apps will stop working on February 1st, 2020. You will need to accept the iOS or Android app upgrades when they are available in order to continue using the service.

We expect the new iOS, Android, and Apple TV apps to be fully functional by January 31st. Roku may go offline for a few extra days or require a re-install. We are temporarily ceasing support for Amazon Fire and XBox, but you will still be able to watch on the web or on supported platforms while we build new versions of those apps.

Want to learn more about our roadmap and upgrades? Check out the details at

Please give us until February 3rd to complete our upgrades, then be sure to let us know if you’re experiencing any issues with access on the web or on the new apps. Also, note that some future communications regarding your access may come from Uscreen, our new service provider, rather than Vimeo OTT, our former service provider.

If you require support at that time, you can reach us at

The Fantasy Network

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