Strowlers Kickstarter & Your Patreon Benefits

Thanks to your continued support as Patreon Backers, we’ve been able to develop three new Strowlers stories that are funding right now on Kickstarter! ¬†What does this mean for Patreon backers if we hit our Kickstarter goal?

1) Patreon supporters at $5 and higher will receive early access to stream the new episodes via The Fantasy Network. You get this automatically as Patreon supporters. You will also receive digital editions of the new Pepper Jones novel!

2) As with the JourneyQuest 3.5 Backerkit, you will have access to the Strowlers Backerkit where you can select Kickstarter campaign rewards a la carte (in addition to several items from our back catalog).

3) Many of the reward items will also be available during our year-end Patreon Backerkit sale, where Patrons at the $10 level and higher receive 50% off.

You’re more than welcome to pledge to the campaign, or if you prefer to wait until afterwards to watch on TFN and/or grab just the rewards that you want in BackerKit, we’ll make sure that option is available to you.

Need to catch up on Strowlers? The first three episodes of Strowlers are streaming now on Amazon Prime (US/UK) and on our own platform, The Fantasy Network (worldwide)!

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