Project: Metaverse $10+ Patreon Poll for July 30

We’re headed to the world of the Metaverse again – and the new players are finally starting to understand what is happening to them!

Join GM Christian Doyle as he takes Andy Dopieralski, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill, and Jess Weaver on the last arc of this storyline through the Metaverse

In preparation for the big day, you’re invited to help out the cast (and boy will they need it!): for each vote a player receives, they’ll gain a cumulative +1 to a single roll usable at some point during Monday’s show (if anyone gets over 10 votes, it will cycle over into a second roll).

IN ADDITION: Our Patreon-exclusive live show, Culture On A Stick returns this Monday with a new episode and we need YOUR help! Head over to the ZOE Discord to post any questions or topics you would like to see discussed.

As always: thanks for your support!

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