Patreon 50% DVD Discount Now Live

Hi, Backers! Thanks for pledging $10 or more per month!

As part of your perks for your support, you are eligible for 50% off on all ZOE products at the FanSupported.Net store, using the coupon code “ZOEPATREON2015”. There is no limit to how often you use this. We will update you when the code periodically changes.

Just a few more details that you need to know:

• This only works for ZOE products, not Dead Gentlemen ones. (So, for example, the original Gamers DVD won’t receive a discount.)

• You may use this code to order as many ZOE products as you like, whenever you want.

• We will check orders against Patreon backers occasionally, just to make sure that our honor system with the code is not being abused by non-backers.

• We will continue to implement this Backer discount, when possible, on other platforms where our products are sold.

Thanks for your support!


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