November Progress Update

Hi everyone, Ben here.

Wow, it’s been nonstop at ZOE and I’m way behind on providing an update.

First of all, JQ 3.5 successfully Kickstarted and goes into production in January. Patreon backers will receive access to the BackerKit store for a la carte campaign items.

Second, we’ve completed a third season of Masters of the Metaverse. Season Four will begin in February!

Death from Above returns in January, shooting in our new studio space with gamemaster Matt Shimkus hosting.

Strowlers is out on TFN, Amazon Prime, and iTunes. We’re doing a staggered grassroots release, so this is the perfect time to watch the show and share it with others who you think will love it.

We’ve added more than a hundred hours of new programming to The Fantasy Network, the streaming service that we built to serve you! Check out the new Gen Con channel especially, as well as loads of new films and series. Remember that you can click the “Login with Patreon” button at in order to receive full access, then watch on any of your devices. (Plus, check out our kick-ass new home page!) As a Patreon backer, you also receive exclusive access to update our wiki.

THE ANNUAL 50% SALE launches next week. Backers at $5 and up will receive access to the store and $10 and up receive 50% off on EVERYTHING. We’ve delayed a bit this year in order to complete a Patreon integration with BackerKit, which will make the campaign much easier to fulfill. $10 and up backers can also select FREE Chibichan 2018 collectible pins and the Nodwick/Demon Hunters comic book, as supplies last. Backers at $50 and up will have another fun (free) surprise in their rewards.

We’ve also edited and launched a new site for greenlighting new projects for renewal, at We took the concept from the RenewJQ campaign and set it up for all of our projects. We’re also tracking project status at

For Strowlers, we have several new episodes in development. We’re confirmed to shoot an episode in Copenhagen this March and are close to confirmed new episodes in Australia and Mongolia around July. A Pepper Jones period piece is almost ready to go as well…and we’re planning a very special Strowlers episode based on a short story by one of our favorite fantasy novelists! (These will a smaller Kickstarter, since Strowlers was designed to shoot affordably, with tiny crews.)

The Gamers The Series—we have a draft of the script, but are trying to figure out when that Kickstarter can fit into our schedule, since we’re aiming to Kickstart JQ4 this spring. Any insights that you have on how to squeeze that in without breaking the bank would be awesome!

We’re also making plans for a dungeon crawl competition show…expect to hear more about that soon!

Have any questions? Comments? Feedback?

Please let us know. As always, we’re able to do what we do because of your monthly support. It’s been a weird year, with tons of effort going into technology and web presence. Now that those are built, we’re refocusing on original content with a vengeance.

Ben Dobyns

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