New Sketch Comedy – My Internet Troll

Have you ever been in an argument with someone on the internet? This month’s comedy sketch brings trolling to real, absurd life.

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Sketch Comedy Timeline:

  • Next week we’re shooting a new gaming-related sketch.
  • We’re hoping to shoot another sketch at Gen Con at the end of this month.
  • We’re working with Dead Gentlemen on a new Gamers sketch, featuring Nimble the Thief. This will be the first of a number of sketches that we’ll use to set up The Gamers: The Series.
  • And we’ll be bringing you a sneak peek at The Gamers: To Be Continued shortly after it’s premiered to DG’s Dorkness Rising Blu-ray campaign Kickstarter backers.

A couple thoughts from Ben about today’s sketch:

This sketch took a long time to write. We wanted to illustrate the absurdity of arguments made by people who may not have lived or experienced “raining” kinds of situations, but we also didn’t want to set up any particular demographic as outright villains. We have all been trolled (or have done it to others!)

We finally settled on “Conversations with My Internet Troll” for a title, after auditioning “Is It Raining”, “#AllDaysMatter”, and “The Fine Art of Trolling”. It’s a little bit on the nose, but during testing we discovered that a clear frame helped some audiences better understand the context.

That said, we know that we’re taking some risks with this sketch. The subject matter is important to us and we decided to go for it, but we’ll be back to gamer comedy next month.

Also, we’re planning on a public release for this sketch that does not include backer names. Because this sketch may attract negative attention from places like the darker corners of 4chan, we don’t want to expose any of our fans and backers to potential harassment.

If you have any concerns or feedback about this sketch, please don’t hesitate to post below or contact me directly at

Thanks to the high-level backers who participated in the review process for this sketch! Your input and feedback was invaluable!

Ben Dobyns
CEO, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

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