New JourneyQuest Animation Tests

What an exciting and challenging few months it’s been, as we’ve learned the ins and outs of 2D and 3D animation for these tests. (As well as discovering that it would be exceptionally difficult to product a motion comic internally.)

We’re thrilled to reveal the results… and we want to hear from you!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


  1. Hmm. I think the 3D animation looked better (which surprised me, I voted for the 2D,) but I’m concerned that 3Danimation will be more expensive.

    1. Looks almost pixar quality. It is very good indeed. They need a beter hair/fabric program. Maya is worth the money and almost a necessity if you want amazing flowing texture/water etc. zbrush is a great luxury for texture overall.

  2. Both are good. I will support you on what ever is done.

  3. The 2D animation is nicely drawn, but the movements seem a little clunky. (Also, Glorion looks more buff than usual.)
    The 3D animation looks surprisingly good apart from Perf’s face (both artistically and in the sense of him being dead). However, probably due to the medium, Wren looks quite a bit different from the original and I fear this would go for all characters.
    So, unless the 3D version is significantly easier to produce and if you can smooth out the movements in the 2D version, I would prefer the latter.

    As an aside, isn’t “They’re all equally at fault.” actually true if they’re all not at fault at all?

  4. Looking forward for Season 4!

  5. I was a big fan of the gamers, especially number 2, only came across journey quest recently, it was good, i was sad there wasn’t more. Especially wanted to see how things end up with Carrow.
    So I would love to see how the story goes and finally ends. Keep up the work!

  6. Hmmmm…get your hands on maya for hair animation and fabric. Z brush is great too. Shoot for the quality. People can just wait. lol We need to be patient as customers if we want effort/love/quality in work we ask for.

  7. The 3d animation was more engaging. I really liked it.

  8. I am amazed that I had not heard of you sooner. I am looking forward to supporting these films!

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