New Film: ZOE’s “Strowlers” Pilot is here!

Hey everyone!

While the official premiere is at ZOEcon this Friday, we’re thrilled to bring you a project eight years in the making: the pilot for “Strowlers”, our shared cinematic universe where YOU help tell the story.

Based on a concept by Matt Vancil, Kat Ogden, and Ben Dobyns, the story begins… today.

The password to access the screener is “strowlers2017”.

Thank you to every one of you for your support as we built this world! We’re planning on a prerelease at Gen Con Indy and a public release this September. This gives you about six extra months if you want a jumpstart on your own Strowlers stories! (We’ll be allowing commercial derivatives and that license—and the new world bible—should be ready soon!)

Please do not share this link, but feel free to say that you’ve seen it and what you thought!

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