MotM “GalaxyForce5: Chapter 4” (MONDAY June 26, 6pm PDT) – $10 Patreon Buff

[Christian has awesome ideas for this week’s show, but won’t tell me what they are yet — but rest-assured they involve a Battle of the Bands, a talking turkey leg, and Magical Space Princess awesomeness!]

If you’re receiving this, it means you’re a backer at the $10+ level and have unlocked weekly bonus buffs/trolls to bestow upon the cast of Masters of the Metaverse LIVE on Hyper RPG  (soon to be available on our YouTube channel as well).

Each week, we’ll post a poll listing each cast member (as well as the GM).  For each vote a cast member receives, they’ll gain access to a one-time bonus to a single roll during the next episode (with that bonus equal to the number of votes they received, and votes above 10 activating a second roll).  As “degree of success” matters a LOT in this system, these cumulative bonuses are super important.

We’ll be sending out another message for the $25+/month people (as they’ve unlocked some other stuff).


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