MotM Ep 9 “Gunmen of the Apocalypse” (April 29, 3pm PDT) – $25 Patreon Buff

This week: a BRAND NEW METAVERSE WORLD!!!  We’re headed to the Wild West with some serious twists: Ninja Emily Dickinson?  Druidic Johnny Appleseed?  Yes to all the things! (and bonus points if you caught the Red Dwarf reference in the title)

If you’re receiving this, it means you’re a backer at the $25+ level and have unlocked weekly bonus buffs/trolls to bestow upon the cast of Masters of the Metaverse (soon to be available on our YouTube channel among other places). 

Each week, we’ll post a poll listing each cast member (as well as the GM).  For each vote a cast member receives, they’ll gain access to a one-time bonus pool of “shielding” to use during the next episode (with that bonus pool equal to “number of votes they received multiplied by 10”).  When they take damage during the show, they’ll subtract from their bonus pool first: think of it as a temporary overshield or similar mechanic from a video game.

And as always, thanks for your support

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