Masters of the Metaverse: Season 2 starts today! (Sept 11 @6pm Pacific) – $10 backer reward

Barely 12 hours until the new season of MotM begins on Hyper RPG — with special guests, a revamped store, exciting worlds, lots of comedy, and coming soon: a special 4 arc series set in Fartherall and GMd by Matt Vancil himself (and yes: it’ll be 100% canonical)!

Same rules as always: 

For each vote a cast member receives, they’ll gain access to a one-time bonus to a single roll during the next episode (with that bonus equal to the number of votes they received, and votes above 10 activating a second roll).  As “degree of success” matters a LOT in this system, these cumulative bonuses are super important.

We’ll be sending out another message for the $25+/month people (as they’ve unlocked some other stuff).


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