Masters of the Metaverse – Patreon Buff Update

With Ben in Mongolia, this is Chris Ode stepping in to give you an update on MotM.  Happy to report the first 2 episodes have been a hit, and the cast is excited for week 3!  While the current story arc is cruising along, we’re already preparing for the arrival of some new players in the near future (including several familiar faces from the wider ZOEverse): it’s going to be great.

We’ve gathered enough data from playtesting and these past 2 episodes that we can now start experimenting with buffs/trolls/etc for Patreon backers to use during the show (it was important to understand the balance of everything before adding that additional wild card to the mix).  Anticipate several updates to start popping out this week, each explaining what you as a backer at that amount will be able to access (and my apologies in advance: it is unclear that I will be able to restrict messages to one specific tier, so some of you at the higher levels will likely receive more than one email — sorry about that).

As always, thanks for your support: we are honored to get to perform for you (and in the case of MotM, WITH you!)

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