Masters of the Metaverse and Death from Above: Back & EXCLUSIVELY On ZOE!

The shows that started our foray into interactive livestreaming are coming back – and exclusively to Zombie Orpheus Entertainment!

Following a successful partnership with Hyper RPG, ZOE is moving into a new phase of online collaboration with fans: bringing Masters of the Metaverse and Death from Above straight to ZOE platforms! While a specific start date for both shows is still being determined (nothing locks up an actor’s schedule like giving them time off…), we are confident things will be ready to go soon (and we’ll holler as soon as they are).

Masters of the Metaverse: our highly interactive comedy RPG set in an original universe created by Christian Doyle and Chris Ode.

Death from Above: set in the BattleTech universe, creative control of DfA (Hyper RPG’s longtime flagship show) has been entrusted to Matt Shimkus with the full blessing of its original creative team.

Both shows emphasize fan-generated content and ideas with a heavy emphasis on collaborative story-telling and world exploration. We are proud to be bringing Masters of the Metaverse home to ZOE’s own platforms and honored to be entrusted with the legacy of Death from Above

A huge thanks to the folks at Hyper RPG for all their help along the way, and we look forward to partnering with them in the future.

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