LIVE NOW: Demon Hunters RPG with Christian Doyle

Welcome to the new ZOE livestreaming studio!

We’re kicking off the adventure right now with a Demon Hunters one-shot featuring Christian Doyle as the gamemaster, streaming in the embed above and on Twitch!

While this show will be accepting live tips on Twitch to buff and troll the cast, as Patreon supporters we’re giving you exclusive ways to influence the show based on your pledge levels (see recent updates for this week’s polls). These Patron-exclusive buffs and trolls are just one way we’re excited about thanking you for your support!

And of course, if you’re supporting us at $10 or higher, don’t forget to register for access to our set/studio/convention livestreams on Periscope! (See the prior update for details.)

Thank you for your support and patience while we got moved into the new studio. These story-based livestreams will become a crucial part of how we provide awesome entertainment that not only expands our favorite cinematic universes, but gives you a way to affect the story directly!

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