June’s Production Fund: Duamerthrax Returns

Hi everyone and a big welcome to our new members!

We’re excited to announce that June’s Patreon production dollars are going toward something special: we’re helping Dead Gentlemen unlock a big Demon Hunters stretch goal. Yes, it’s true, we’re bringing back the biggest Demon Hunters villain of all time, Matt Vancil’s Duamerthrax the Indestructible.

Thanks to your support, Vancil will be writing and starring in a new comedy short as the titular wisecracking demon, his first appearance as Duamerthrax since Dead Camper Lake.

It’s going to take DG several months to get this produced, but you’ll be the first to see it, exclusively on our new streaming video platform.

Production Update

It’s also time for a look into the status of our other projects.

Strowlers: Ireland is close to locked, thanks to input from several of our high-level backers. The composer and sound team are ready to go!

JourneyQuest Season Three remains available for you to stream on ZOE Premium and has also been released for digital purchase on Vimeo On-Demand.

The Gamers: The Shadow Menace soundtrack is nearly done and the audio mix and VFX are in progress. This will be done very soon!

Strowlers: Mongolia is in editing, but it’s slow going, as we don’t actually speak Mongolian. The footage is epic and gorgeous, however, and we can’t wait to show you how it fits into the broader Strowlers universe.

Strowlers: Pilot is almost done with VFX and goes to color and composer around June 20th.

Wizard Wednesdays—a ten-minute comedy pilot about marriage and tabletop gaming that we shot in March—is almost edit locked and will go to audio within weeks.

The writing team for The Gamers: The Series is close to turning in an outline for the next episode. Once approved, they’ll set out to write the complete script.

Aaron Williams continues his monthly The Gamers: Nodwick’s Tale strip. We’d love to increase the frequency to twice a month and with just a few more Patrons we’ll be able to do so. This is our next Patreon stretch goal, unlocked at $6000/mo!

And if you’ve been looking for a good time to get into the weekly livestreamed tabletop comedy from our Gamers Live team, now is a great time. They just began a new story arc, which you can view here. Plus, you can get caught up quickly on the backstory at the wiki. 

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