We want to produce monthly content. We also want to make big shows like JourneyQuest and The Gamers.

You want monthly content. You also want awesome rewards, big shows, and to take pride in what you funded.

By using Patreon and Kickstarter together, we can achieve all of these goals.

PATREON is a monthly funding platform. It creates a sustainable income for us, which means keeping the office open, the lights on, the internet fast, and the bills paid. Also, we like making cool videos more than once or twice a year… and this monthly revenue lets us do just that!

PATREON features digital and virtual rewards, low-impact subscriptions, and great tools for nurturing our incredible community of fans and creators.

KICKSTARTER is a per-project funding platform. It allows us to raise large sums for big tentpole-style productions, which means enough money to cover massive pre-production expenses and shooting an entire season all at once. (This saves a LOT of a money and is much more efficient.) KICKSTARTER features pricier pledges for physical rewards, like DVDs, posters, modules, miniatures, Red Cards, and even appearances in our shows.

Looking at the long term, our goal is to reach at least $100,000/month in PATREON funding. This would allow us to remain in production constantly on JourneyQuest-sized shows. Imagine new seasons of your favorite shows, every year! But to get there, we need to grow into that goal. We need to provide awesome monthly content to bring in new patrons. And we need to keep producing the tentpoles when we can. We’ll continue to use KICKSTARTER to provide primary funding for those shows, supplemented by PATREON income. As PATREON monthly funding increases, we can gradually decrease what we ask for on KICKSTARTER.

We’ve also heard from many fans that both platforms serve different needs. Some of you just want to contribute your money and get awesome shows in return. Others want the incredible physical rewards that we’ve become known for. Some of you want both.

So now you can choose—support us on whichever platform and in whatever style best suits your needs and your finances! PATREON = regular production and long-term sustainability, growing into more frequent seasons of the big shows. KICKSTARTER = bigger single pledges, bigger rewards, and bigger shows.

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