Early March Update

Is everyone ready for another month where EVERYTHING happens at once? Welcome to March of 2016.

First of all, this coming Saturday, March 5th, we are shooting the Magellan episode of The Gamers: The Series

If you’re a Patron pledged at a level for Hang With access (instructions), definitely get yourself set up so you can participate in our livestream. And remember, we’ll be livestreaming from Hang With on most days of the JourneyQuest shoot as well, beginning March 30th.

We’re bringing on an exciting new cast member in this Gamers episode, but it’s going to take us a little bit longer to schedule and shoot his scenes, so we’re aiming to finish The Incident first, so you all get a Gamers sketch before the end of the month. Then we’ll release Magellan, then Rogar, then we’ll release The Incident  to the public as the final episode of Gamers Season 0. 

If you’re in Seattle on March 12th, come out and join us for the Seattle Web Fest, where we’ll be showing a sneak peek of scenes from Strowlers, our upcoming modern fantasy series.

If you’re in Vancouver B.C. on March 18 and 19, you’ll be able to find Ben at the Vancouver Web Fest. Come catch some awesome series and say hello!

Patrons at $50 and higher, your workshop this month will be 7 PM PST on March 8th. Keep your eyes open for a Patreon update with the link and video embed.

Patrons at $25 and higher, we’d love input from you on: “The worst popular ideas of the 21st century.” You can message us directly. Please get that feedback in by Friday of this week.

And a heads up for April: we will have a booth at Emerald City Comicon, as well as a couple of cool panels. More details later, but if you’re attending, be sure to come find us!

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