Current Goal: Greenlighting The Gamers: The Series

Hey, everyone!

We wanted to share a quick note and discuss the cancellation of our Pilot Season Kickstarter campaign and how it affects the ZOE Patreon.

Based on feedback we received from Pilot Season, it became very clear that ZOE and DG fans were primarily interested in greenlighting the Gamers and Demon Hunters series. With that in mind, we have adjusted our next two Milestones as follows:

$10,000/mo – Instead of supplementing our Pilots budgets, we will do a second monthly sketch, at a higher production value, that will tie in more with ongoing storylines. This will be a precursor to…

$15,000/mo – We will greenlight The Gamers: The Series for monthly production, beginning with five-minute episodes. This will replace the second monthly sketch from the $10,000 milestone. Ideally, this will eventually fund a few rotating shows (like Gamers, Demon Hunters: Red Tape, and Humans & Households), so creators have breaks to prep new scripts and we can avoid burnout.

Thanks for your support! We have a new Syphilitic Ninja Vampires sketch coming up for you in a few weeks, along with our regular monthly hangouts, workshops, and so on.

Please share your feedback and questions in the comments!

Best wishes,

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