Big Gamers & Patreon Update

Hey, everyone!

We have some big changes to announce, thanks to tireless work behind the scenes from both Dead Gentlemen and ZOE.

First, we’re extremely close to launching a Patreon-funded “Season 0” for Gamers the Series! While we’re not bringing enough in yet to produce the first season, these one-offs will reintroduce Newmoon, Nimble, Magellan, Rogar, Mark, and The Shadow. They’ll answer some old questions and set up our pilot for the show.

While we’ve had fun doing sketches for you, it’s time to up our game and provide more to you, our core fans. (This is also how we’ll attract more casual fans to become funders and continue the show!) Gamers the Series: Season 0 will replace our monthly sketches for at least the next five months. Patrons will get to see new episodes before anyone else. We’ve been saving and budgeting carefully to be able to pull this off—please wish us luck and thank you for your support!

Second, we are cancelling the Hat Trick Pony livestream. The monthly shows will continue, but we are going to focus on improving the quality of the final video. Our contracted vendor has been fighting admirably to provide a quality livestream, but we’re hearing from too many of you that watching is an exercise in glitches and frustration. We are replacing the livestream with a complete, edited video of the event, which will upload within a week of the live show. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to providing a better improv experience. Backers will get to see each video before the public.

Third, big changes are coming to Patreon and they definitely affect all of us. 

The first, which you may have noticed, is that pages should now show the net that we receive, rather than the gross. Our level of support hasn’t changed. You’re just seeing what we receive after credit card and Patreon fees. This is a system-wide change on

Next, Patreon recently launched an iOS app. It’s amazing! We highly encourage you to download it—it makes having conversations on this platform much, much easier, plus, you can opt in to push notifications whenever we release new content. You can grab your free copy here:

Finally, new creator pages are coming soon. We’re designing ours now. It’s going to be pretty. It will also include a set of links to Patreon-exclusive content, in case you’re ever struggling to find a particular link or set of discounts.

Have comments, questions, or concerns? Let us know in the comments—thanks to this new app we can respond to you really quickly!


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Dead Gentlemen Productions

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