Adventures in Twitch

Greetings from the land of livestreamed chaos!!!

Our in-house improv troupe — Hat Trick Pony — has been taking a break to work on a new piece of the ZOE-verse: livestreaming via  Ultimately, we intend to develop a livestreamed version of Gamers Live — one you can watch anywhere in the world!

To that end, we’ve been partnering with a local Twitch channel — Hyper RPG — whose CEO used to run Geek and Sundry’s Twitch stream.  With Hyper RPG’s support and expertise, HTP has put together 4 episodes of an 8 episode miniseries set in the BattleTech universe: “Death from Above: Renegades” (a spin-off of the channel’s flagship “Death from Above” series).  Through donations, fans are able to support the heroes or troll them — whatever strikes their fancy — and the team has to respond to the new hazards or bonuses in real time.  Each show is divided into an opening RP session (currently starring Christian Doyle, Steve Wolbrecht, Lisa Coronado, Kelly Fuson, and Sarah Sanders-Ode) before transitioning to a tabletop gaming session (with GM Chris Ode) where THE AUDIENCE CAN SHIFT THE BATTLEFIELD and IF THE PC DIES, THE ACTOR LEAVES THE SHOW PERMANENTLY!!! 

You can check out past episodes for free at the link above, as well as new ones at

“Death from Above: Renegades” premiers every Friday through November 18 at 6pm Pacific Time.  Special guests this week (October 28) include ZOE’s own Nathan Rice and Matt Shimkus!

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