3:00 PM – Special Preview Episode of our new Weekly Gaming Show, Masters of the Metaverse

Hi, ZOE Patrons! At 3:00 PM today we’re launching a patron-only preview of our newest live gaming show, Masters of the Metaverse, created by Christian Doyle and Chris Ode, and starring many of your favorite ZOE faces.

We’d love to have your help and feedback for this patron-only beta. You can access the private stream right here: https://youtu.be/NW7K_0xMIf4 

Be sure to click through to YouTube so we can interact with you in the comments in real time!

We gave you a few details last week about our new upcoming twitch series, the interactive, live comedy RPG/improv mashup that will be Masters of the Metaverse. And now we want to give you ALL THE DETAILS.

WHAT? MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE: New Interactive, livestream RPG
2-episode miniseries exclusive to Patreon Backers & ZOE Supporters… See it first before we release it into the wild for regular weekly shows!

WHEN? Saturday February 18 & 25, 3-5:30pm PST 

WHAT NEXT? You tell us. Once the regular kicks into gear on March 4, backers will be able to shape the show’s characters, background, and powers through the ZOE Patreon site — you’ll even make crucial story choices! We’ll post ideas during the week, then let you vote on the direction we take.

Set in the modern day, MOTM tells the story of people compelled and coerced to bend reality via metapods: dimension-shifting portals that allow the occupants to inhabit avatars far from their own world.  It’s Quantum Leap meets Sliders, melded with RPGs, and improvised live with viewer suggestions.

WHAT ABOUT THE RULES? Mechanically, MOTM is a TriStat dX-based RPG. The party draws simultaneously from two character sheets: their Player identity in “the real world” and their Avatar identity in “the avatar world.”  Buffs and trolls from the show’s Chat stream determine the party’s access to their powers, and various story decisions will also come from Chat, with special weekly abilities and buffs granted exclusively to Patreon supporters.

WHO’S IN THE PARTY? Featuring these and other ZOE-universe favorites!

  • Christian Doyle (The Gamers movies, JourneyQuest)
  • Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe (The Gamers: The Shadow Menace, Gamers Live, Gamers Series)
  • Kelly Fuson (Death from Above)
  • Vanessa Postil (Attacking the Darkness)
  • Sarah Sanders-Ode (House Rulez, Death from Above)
  • Chris Ode (Attacking the Darkness, Gamers Live)

With future appearances by: Matt Vancil (creator Gamers, Demon Hunters, JourneyQuest), Matt Shimkus (The Gamers Movies, Demon Hunters, JourneyQuest, Gamers Series), Lisa Coronado (Death From Above, Strowlers Ireland), Wonder Russell (JourneyQuest), and more!

ANYTHING ELSE…. Whew! Let us know in the comments what else you want to know about MOTM!

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