2017 ZOE Convention Schedule + Patron Sneak Preview

Where are we in 2017? Cons, Fests & Twitch

Hey Everyone!

Here’s the round-up (so far) of where you can find us this year at Cons and Film Fests. Will we see you there? Is there a convention you think might be a good fit for us? Let us know in the comments! 

March 4-8… Emerald City ComicCon

March 11… Seattle WebFest

March 17-19… Vancouver WebFest

August 17-20… GenCon

  • ZOE/DG Merch/Signing/Hanging w Awesome Fans Booth, all 4 days, Th-Sun
  • Programming TBD (Improv, Screenings, Gaming, etc)
  • www.gencon.com

And don’t forget our new weekly project, starting this month!

Masters of the Metaverse, a new interactive, comedy RPG, created by Christian Doyle & Chris Ode, In partnership with Hyper RPG (a Seattle-based Twitch broadcaster), MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE is a weekly interactive livestream adventure where the audience controls the show’s direction. 

Via purchased buffs and trolls (Patreon supporters get unique special buffs every month!) – along with chat-supplied suggestions – the performers and the viewers work together in this genre-crossing “meta-mashup” of RPGs and improvisation. Weekly shows wil be livestreamed on Saturdays, 3-5:30pm PT on Twitch.tv/HyperRPG  and re-aired on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/zombieorpheusent.

We’ve pushed our launch date, to be more prepared, and to give you all a…

BACKER BONUS: 2-episode Beta test, only available to Patreon Backers. 

Join us Feb 18 & 25 for a 2-episode introduction (and yes, beta test). It’s a shake-down cruise, where we’ll go through the general concept of the show and get to know our characters. Watch your inboxes for an email with the link to watch right here on new Patreon updates!

We’ll officially launch the show on Saturday, March 4, 3-5:30pm PT on http://www.Twitch.tv/HyperRPG 

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