First Metaverse Holiday Special

It’s that most wonderful time of year and we wanted to send our holiday greetings to all of you – and what better way to do that than with a Metaverse Special? Join us on Saturday, December 22nd at 1PM PT on to watch GM James Durham take Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Vanessa Postil, and Sarah Sanders-Ode through a one shot adventure filled with holiday magic and Metaverse madness! There are also likely to be some holiday games for CHAT to play with the cast – or at least troll them with.

So come by and enjoy the holiday cheer – and REMEMBER: Masters Of The Metaverse Season Four premieres on February 4th at 6PM PT!

If you’ve never seen the show – don’t worry! No prior Metaverse knowledge is required. And if you’re hankering for more backstory, check out the ZOE Wiki and the Masters Of The Metaverse section for a complete crash course in all things Metaverse related. After the show, come by the ZOE Discord to chat, ask questions, and hang out with other ZOE fans.

PROJECT: METAVERSE is an RPG set in a world completely designed and created by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. In it, players control two characters: a pilot and an avatar. Each one gives the players different skills and abilities – but the catch is they can only access one at a time. The setting is unique and changes with each story arc. So far, we’ve visited a city of superheroes, an old west setting with zombies, magical space princesses, an alien invasion, and even spent some time in the world of Fartherall.

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