Choose your buffs for the July 15 edition of Masters of the Metaverse. Be sure to include the hashtag for your buff in the “Chatbot Text” field, along with a short message for the cast.

Metaverse Buffs – Set One
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Metaverse Buffs – Set Two
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Usable by anyone, used to enhance, augment, or access abilities from previous avatars and bonded avatars
$10.00#ClarityMoment Of Clarity
Use the smallest dice for any one skill check.
$25.00#AquaBuffAqua Aura
Burglary is in her blood: Aquamarine rolls a d6 & gains the result as a bonus to her next roll (then applies the same number as a penalty to an opponent). OR, she may place herself anywhere on the Pilot/Avatar slider.
$25.00#RosieBuffFolk Wisdom
Tapping into the lessons she learned at her Momma’s knee, Rosie gains a 5 point bonus to her next roll. OR, she may place herself anywhere on the Pilot/Avatar slider.
$25.00#ThomasBuffCompany Man
Thomas may make a skill check at the highest available check of the party. OR, he may place himself (and one ally) anywhere on the Pilot/Avatar slider.
$25.00#JenikaBuffJung At Heart
 Prison shrinks know how to deescalate a situation: Jenika gives a 5pt penalty to all hostile targets on their next roll OR she may place herself anywhere on the Pilot/Avatar slider.
Jaxun has leet skilz: he can target multiple opponents on his next attack without penalty OR, he may place himself anywhere on the Pilot/Avatar slider.
$25.00#AndiBuffMeep! Meep!
For every one of these purchased, Andi can bank another extra action for her “Bullet time” ability.
Robert can choose an opponent to “tag”, anytime the tagged opponent attacks anyone other than Brony, every other player gets a free attack against them. 
$25.00#MaddoxBuffAnything You Can Do
 Due to her incredible moxy and competitive spirit , Maddox can choose to use this ability after a failed roll to take the result of one of the other players’ rolls and add a +1 bonus, using that as her result instead.
$25.00#WyattBuffPrison Rules
Wyatt may forgo his Dodge bonus to make a counter attack against any opponent who succeeds at hitting him during the round.
$25.00#BrunoBuffAction Hero
Bruno has a very particular set of skills. He may use his buff to auto-succeed on any intimidation roll.
$50.00#NewsFlashNews Flash One
The actions of our pilots have not gone unnoticed in their home Metaverse. Use one of these to hear a headline pertaining to the ongoing investigation that surrounds them.
$100.00#CoolRuleRule Of Cool
Each Party member must announce their next intended action for the encounter. Chat votes on which option they most prefer – the winner auto-succeeds (at 150%) while the others take a 5pt penalty (and must use the action they declared).
$250.00#HackAttackHack Attack
 Hack into the metapods and cause a random event of YOUR choosing.  (Can be purchased collaboratively if C.H.A.T. works out the random event beforehand as a group)