Attack the Darkness RPG Scenario (PDF Download)

Based on the landmark comedy mockumentary Attacking the Darkness, comes the Attack the Darkness RPG Scenario.

As you and your fellow spiritual warriors make your way through the simulated scenarios, you will see first hand the powerful traps set by RPGs to ensnare those who aren’t strong enough to fend off the real forces of the devil through demonic possession. You have been provided with the information and tools that you need but it will be your faith and tenacity that will see you through to the light.

This scenario is compatible with the Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors System.

Cobbler’s® Coffee Container™

Introducing the Cobbler’s® Coffee Container™!

Demon Hunters the world over drink Cobbler’s Crystals. Now you can be found sipping your favorite brew from our exclusive Cobbler’s® Coffee Container, and exclaim, “Now that’s a ga#d@mn cup of coffee!”, this mug is more than just a coffee mug; It the Cobbler’s® Coffee Container™

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors RPG (2015) – (PDF Download)

Vampires infesting the mayoral office. Lycanthropes prowling the suburbs. Another kraken making its way upstate along the river. Crazed cultist masquerading as door-to-door religious nuts. Every one of them edging the world one more step toward the next demonic apocalypse.

In your line of work, that’s called Tuesday.

You are an agent of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch, hand-picked to serve as Earth’s first and last line of defense against the servants of Darkness. This book – packed with tabletop roleplaying rules based on the Fate RPG system – has everything you need for playing Demon Hunters and creating badass adventures!

Demon Hunting Manual A771: A Comedy of Terrors Supplement (PDF Download)

Are your players upping their game? Now up yours!

Take a deep dive into crafting the mission for your players with the Demon Hunting Manual A771: An Impractical Guide to Mission Planning. Expanding on the “5 Minutes to Mayhem” and “60 Minutes to Mayhem” sections of the Demon Hunters: Comedy of Terrors corebook, this manual will help you get specific, get organized, and get prepared in whatever time you have available.

Mask of Death Pathfinder Adventure (PDF Download)

From the minds of Matt Vancil, creator of The Gamers and the hit web series JourneyQuest, and newcomer Kevin Mickelson, comes the long-anticipated return to Fartherall seen in the film The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. The Mask of Death takes players through the adventures featured in the film along with new monsters, enemies and an entirely new dungeon! Play as the party from the movie – Brother Silence, Daphne, Sir Osric, Luster (either one) and the virtually immortal bard, Flynn the Fine – or create an all-new team of heroes!

Save the kingdom! Seduce the celebate! Spread the buttery justice of Therin!

Onward… To Waffles!