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Enter the Metaverse

BY AILEA MERRIAM-PIGG | ZOE FANS ON ZOE FILMS | Hello amazing fans of ZOE! If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed a few new names attached to articles recently. I’m another of those new names and I decided to use my first article to discuss how I became a fan of Zombie Orpheus […]

From Campaign to Novel

BY FERNANDO AUTRAN | GAMING TECHNIQUE | Getting good at something is hard, even if you love it. The constant repetition can make it a chore, but don’t despair young storytellers, I’m here to tell you there are exceptions. Let’s take writing for example, what if I told there’s an activity that can help you […]

Cuando la vida se convierte en juego

BY ALDO FERNANDO SEPULVEDA CUE | ZOE FAN WRITER | Qué es lo que pasa cuando un grupo de amigos se reúne para jugar? Fútbol? Basquetbol? No, Juegos de Rol. Por más de 40 años los sótanos de viviendas a lo largo y ancho de los estados unidos se convierten en Mazmorras en las cuales […]

Fans of Their Fans

BY DAVID AZADI SCOTT | ZOE FANS ON ZOE FILMS | From the moment of the opening credits in the 2002 cult classic “The Gamers”, you can tell that it is something special. We are introduced to our heroes through the stats on their character sheet, a unique take that tells us more than which […]

Watch JourneyQuest 3

[ebs_jumbotron bgcolor=”#f4eef4″] Ready to enjoy JourneyQuest Season Three, plus a selection of old and new films from Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen? Now you can choose how you watch and participate: from free episodes on YouTube to premium monthly support that comes with tons of cool benefits. Prefer DVD or Bluray? They’re coming soon to […]


BY AMETHYST MARIE | ZOE FANS ON ZOE FILMS | I grew up fundamentalist Christian. We weren’t Chick tract fans. Mom said the artwork was creepy. But I sincerely believed the moral of Jack Chick’s infamous Dark Dungeons tract as a teenager. We didn’t have any fantasy or science fiction in the house. “Even the works of […]

Yet Another Streaming Video Service?

BY BEN DOBYNS Who needs another streaming service? Netflix. Amazon. Hulu. CBS. Dozens of imitators. Everyone wants a piece of your paycheck to fund their platform. Yeah, we also want your support. But we want to do something entirely different, daring, and revolutionary with your help, in whatever form it takes. We want to make […]

The Fights of the Gamers

BY KEVIN INOUYE What’s a fantasy series without swords, or RPG without combat? Sure, it’s doable, but I think we’d all sense something missing without the occasional bit of action. The Gamers series and other projects by Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus are no different, with combat and weaponry playing key parts in the story, […]