Essential News – We’re Moving Away from Patreon to TFN “Supporters”

At long last, after two years of development, everyone at Zombie Orpheus is thrilled to announce that we’ve opened up our new monthly (and annual!) patronage campaign on The Fantasy Network’s new Patreon replacement: TFN Supporters!

tl;dr – You may stay here on Patreon if you want, but the new system is better (and not broken)


Patreon is broken –

The latest Patreon API changes have killed our ability to sync roles and rewards properly. Patreon no longer supports the API and we can’t risk that they’ll turn it off entirely.

The new platform is awesome –

It’s all one unified system that connects you with:

  • Our store (including permanent year-round merch discounts at $10 and up!)
  • A single digital library with decades of rewards in one place (no more searching through attachments to old Patreon posts)
  • Discord roles
  • Easy poll access
  • Fantasy Network Premium access
  • A new exclusive monthly Supporter livestream
  • Easy access to Nodwick comics

You can support individual projects –

At the $10 level and higher you can choose how your contributions are spent!

The platform fees support the community –

The Fantasy Network is owned by fans and creators, not venture capital. That means that even the modest platform fees go straight back into serving our community!

Many supporters asked us to move –

When Patreon made changes to how they handled billing and payouts, when they implemented policies that hurt small creators, and when they kicked creators from the platform, they showed that they no longer existed to help empower fans to support the creators they love.

At that time, we lost over $2000 a month in revenue from people who loved ZOE, but who weren’t willing to support Patreon any longer.

We’ve been hard at work ever since to create something that wasn’t just a stop-gap, but that was BETTER. TFN’s Supporters platform is our solution!


Step 1 – Cancel your Patreon subscription.

Step 2 – Visit and subscribe to the reward tier of your choice.

Step 3 – Wait 20 minutes for all of your accounts to sync.

Step 4 – Enjoy your new content on The Fantasy Network, on the Zombie Orpheus Website, and on Discord.

Your new Supporters page shows your reward level and includes links straight to every perk and content type, so you can find it quickly and easily!


As a thank you for moving to the new system quickly, we’ve added our full JourneyQuest 2D animation test to the Supporters digital library! 

We’re releasing this to Kickstarter backers soon, but you can see JQ4 Scene 86 right now, starring Glorion, Roderick, and Silver Tom!


What happened to the $5 Fantasy Network access?

The value and cost of this reward increased as The Fantasy Network became fully independent. As a thank-you to our long-time patrons whose support helped us build TFN, we’re offering existing backers a permanent 50% discount on our $10 pledge level. You can send an email to to request the coupon code and we’ll hook you up!

Where is the store? Dead.Market is down?

The new Fantasy Network store is launching in a couple of days.

Where is “Feature X”?

We had to accelerate our launch date when Patreon’s API broke and are still implementing a few features, but expect to have them dialed in within the week. (Granting monthly livestream tips based on your pledge level will take a bit longer, but the new system makes this new feature possible. We’re aiming for Q4 on that function.)

What’s the rush? Why not wait?

Because of the broken Patreon API, Fantasy Network subscriptions are no longer syncing correctly. We wanted to get this new service launched before the end of August.

How do I report a bug or get support?

Please either contact us or open a support ticket on our Discord server. 

What if I want to remain on Patreon?

We will keep our Patreon running for now, but are moving all of our activity and updates to the new system. If Patreon is easier and you want to give us money with no new rewards, you are welcome to stay.

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