Kickstarter Consultancy

Ben Dobyns, our Kickstarter designer, has programmed industry-leading tools for creating and projecting campaign successes. His proprietary spreadsheets can handle stretch goals, a variety of shipping solutions, reconciliation with actuals, and much more with the click of a single button. He can plan every facet of your campaign with confidence that the numbers will be correct, the goals appropriate, and the pledge levels compelling.

From design to the daily work of running a campaign to reconciling your final crowdfunding revenue, our services are flexible to meet your unique needs.

Whatever your needs, we look forward to helping you out!

And we stand by our unique pledge – we won’t take on a campaign that we don’t believe in. If we agree to offer our Advanced or Premium services for your crowdfunding project, it’s because we believe that your project can and should succeed.

“This was one of the best organized fulfillments I’ve ever seen. Ben’s spreadsheets highly influenced our own thinking of how to track orders and get The Maze of Games to our customers.”

Mike Selinker

Maze of Games Kickstarter: Lone Shark Games

“Ben has developed a reliable, repeatable system to properly budget and allocate your Kickstarter SAFELY. And by “safely” I mean not losing money on Kickstarter rewards, costs and fulfillment. It’s brilliant, it’s detailed, and I swear by it.”

Don Early

Multiple Campaigns, Dead Gentlemen Productions

“Ben Dobyns in one short meeting gave me the outline of how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign. Without his guidance and advice I’m sure the first campaign I ran would not have been half as successful, nor the other 5 that have all funded using the advice he gave. Definitely an expert on how to get the most out of Kickstarter.”

Julie Haehn

Unexploded Cow Campaign: Cheapass Games

“Ben is extremely personable and accessible, one-stop shopping for everything we needed to know about how to launch our Kickstarter and get our project off the ground. The Midas touch, very few have the amount of experience and success raising money and generating audience using Kickstarter as Ben.”

Lisa Hurwitz

The Automat Kickstarter

Hourly Consultation



Choose What You Need
On-the-fly Projections
Plan For Success
Avoid Costly Mistakes
Need to jumpstart your own plans? Ask us for an hourly rate for just the amount of consultation that you need. Whether it’s once or a half-dozen times, we’ll use our tools and experience to give you an actionable plan that’s tailored to your unique needs.

A Bespoke Plan for Your Needs


4% Campaign Gross

Everything from “Basic”
A Complete Plan
Step-by-step Guide to Success
Projections & Actuals
Stretch Goal Snowball
Iteration Until Perfection
Proprietary Software
Only Pay if You Succeed
Using our proprietary software, we will plug in all of your information—from goals to pledge levels to reward costs and shipping strategy—and iterate until we have a perfect plan for your campaign. We’ll even design a “stretch goal snowball” to maximize campaign momentum after you reach your minimum fundraising target.

Campaign Management


8% Campaign Gross

Everything from “Design”
End-to-End Management
Daily Engagement
Pre-launch Campaign
Pass Our Vetting Process
Only Pay if You Succeed
Want someone to run your campaign? We’ll offer tools for pre-campaign audience engagement, build toward a big launch, and manage the daily posts, updates, and adjustments that make a campaign successful.


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